ONLINE HELP & SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS                       



Follow these steps to ensure your progress records
on your "My Training" page

     1.    Access training only through these supported Oracle Taleo Learn Internet browsers: 
To meet system requirements, you may need to make some adjustments. Click below for details and FAQs. 
         If you are working on a Mistras lab computer, consult your local QA Manager
  § Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, 8, and 9
  § Safari 5.1x
  § Chrome Current Version
  § Firefox 3x, 4, Current Version
To learn what browser you have, click on the Help or Question Mark (an example is below) on the browser toolbar. 
 If it is determined that you are using IE 10 or IE 11, you should switch to a supported broswer or use compatibility mode. (see FAQ's). Your score and progress will not track in this system if you are using an unsupported browser.*If you are working on a Mistras Lab Computer, discuss settings with lab personnel.
      2.   Your web browser must be configured so that:  

§  Java and Flash are installed  (most current version)  

§  Cache is set to reload the page each time

§  Cookies are enabled

§  JavaScript is enabled                                  

§  Pop-up blockers are disabled                           

         3.   When navigating in the Learn Center:
  § Make sure you launch training only from the Course Catalog, not the “My Training” page
  § Close all programs, only Learn Center course launch windows should be open when you are taking a course 

§ The Zoom should be set to 100% on the browser window so you can access all navigation buttons

§ All launch windows should remain open during the course or communication will be disrupted between the course and the LMS (Your progress and/or score may not be recorded)

§ Open only one training course at a time, and be sure to wait for each slide/interaction/video to complete

§ Do not leave the course open to take a break; exit and then sign in again when ready to continue

        If you run into issues or get stuck, take the following actions:

§ If you are having problems progressing in a course, properly exit the course and then reenter after refreshing (F5)

§ Click the blue exit square to save your progress. You may need to scroll or move the course window to access it